Today all should concentrate on clearing obstacles, you can meditate, yoga, plenty of cleansings on my youtube channel.  I’m going to give you some of my favorites.

  • Get 3 eggs from the refrigerator, wash and dry, lay in bed place one over each eyes, place  thick towel over eggs to hold in place; the third egg place on the belly button.  Keen like this 30 min, crack on inside of toilet, don’t be worried if it seems like hard boiled.
  • three days in a row when you take a shower stay wet, scrub with regular salt from the neck down, wash off with water, immediately scrub with brown sugar and dry off.
  • Tupperware, fill with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, make sure as you mix with your hands keep adding baking soda until the mix is very thick.  Get into shower wet body, use this mix as body soap and shampoo, when done carefully wash  off and add plenty of conditioner in the hair and dry off.

If this is your birthday you are friendly and liked, anything in sales, politically, try a job where you are around people it will be the best.  Remember when you try to connect don’t change, it’s nice to show your best face but if that face changes then you’ve sold them a bill of goods just to connect then the real you comes out.