Energy of the day:

Energy today is such that what you want you will have a better chance of obtaining it, so for example you have been wanting to ask that special someone on a date today is a better chance for a yes.  Feel the boss has not been giving you that promotion you deserve, good day to ask is today.  You get the idea a day to get returns on your investment, so why not you, don’t let the day pass without at least asking for what you want and diserve.

If your birthday is today:

Some in this date might be older than your physical age and thus can feel off, try, and understand that maturity can come early, live your age and you and your souls age will eventually meet.  Remember as an old soul you could be prone to dreams and messages, listen and know the difference between processing the day and a message from beyond.  A lot of opportunity for conversation and celebration, perhaps something you had not thought of will work now.