Keep this day on the backburner, no important tasks as it looks like every activity will just take longer to get done. Stick to the essentials, maybe some energy work to clean yourself, your home, move things around, clean your home, your car, garage, let the universe know you are ready for some good luck. Remember, I predicted for 2020 many natural turmoil, the year is not over and still complications to come. Those who work spiritually will be spared the brunt of the negative energies and natural issues still to come.

If this is your birthday, exercise is key to keeping things on the right track, had some dreams of riches and fortune, that is because you will achieve. Say yes to one person at a time, it’s ok to want to fit in but when you offer the same time to multiple endeavors you will crash so only one yes and all will be well. There is a little extra psychic connection with you so listen to the subtleties of spirit and you will be guided to success.

The energies of the rat, ox and dragon are not at their best today so keep your adventures to a minimum, it seems the pig will flow well today