The energy of the day is best served clearing energy obstacles from your path, if you need to see the doctor but have been procrastinating, do it today. Otherwise keep your energy clear of any heaviness today and tomorrow will be a better day.

If today is your birthday, try and keep good relationships with your parents today, there might be regrets in the future if you don’t do your best. Your mouth can be a problem, the wise person speaks less and listens more. A true leader at heart with a little tweaking you may climb the ladder and achieve greatness.

Astrology can be a beautiful if not complex art:

Sun core personality, ego, real life force, Leo every month
Moon moods, reactive emotional responses, sub Cancer every 2-3 days
Mercury communication, expression of thoughts & Gemini & Virgo every 3-4 weeks
Venus displaying affections, leisure, hobbies, Taurus & Libra every 4-5 weeks
Mars energy, drive, determination, impulse Aries every 6-7 weeks
Jupiter luck, opportunity, growth, confidence Sagittarius every 12-13 months
Saturn fears, challenges, ambition, authority Capricorn every 2-3 years
Uranus sudden, inspiration, original, openness Aquarius every 7 years
Neptune dreams, imagination confusion, illusion Pisces every 10-12 years
Pluto power, transformation, rebirth Scorpio every 12-15 years