Energy of the day:

Ok, one of the days this month suited to destroy, so if you have been thinking of tearing that old shed, or that tree stump then maybe today might be a good dat to get rid of that shrub and plant new plants, you get the idea, all about tearing down and there will be a better day to do anything else, also if you wish to quit your job, another way of tearing down.

If today is your birthday:

You have all the tools to succeed in life, you like the good life and go after it, work well with others, try and fix any family issues, especially if there is one with mother.  Be careful what you eat as your digestion is finicky, if you eat late then you will probably not sleep well.  Try and walk after a meal as your digestion is slow.  A do over might be just what you need, if you do get it done right this time, don’t look back  just ahead.