Good day, if you’ve had a project that feels stuck or you are procrastinating then today is your day, easy to accomplish or finish what you had started before. Great energy for commitment so you can get married, engaged, sign your contract for new job etc.

If today is your birthday you act tough but really butter on the inside, you work best in a good relationship, the lack of control in your life if it is so is to sweat out your rollercoaster with exercise. I know but rust me, you want to blow out all this extra emotional energy by exercise.

Bad day if you are a rat or dragon, remember this is a general description so not all rats will have a bad day, we are ruled more than by one simple description, this is the general trend so other factors can affect our energies. For example you might be a Virgo but not typical, so look at your ascending and your moon, these factors can easily change who you are. Also look where your planets are located, for example where your sun is, jupiter, so many things can modify the typical but if you look at your natal chart you may see why you are different.