Energy of the day:

The volatility of the energy on this day is such that the best energy of the day is spent on clearing energies, perhaps cleansing your energies, meditation, prayer and more, consider the day a day where it’s better to keep a low profile and leave any important matter due for another day if possible.

If today is your birthday:

If you delve in the esoteric world don’t dismiss the real world, the well-balanced person will enjoy spirituality but not dismiss the real world, stay grounded in reality.  Sensitive and attractive to the opposite sex, sensuous to the touch, you need to be picky to connect with someone on a sexual level or you can get lost in exes, make better connections with friends and family and you will grow.  Work hard and achieve all your desires, there is nothing beyond your reach just work on your emotions and don’t let them control you, release any hurt feelings or they can fester and again off balance emotionally you will go.  We all lose love ones but if you keep tugging at them, they will be unable to rest, let them go so they may complete their journey.