Today, stay down low, lets take a mental health day today, the energies of today will be wild so you might get lucky but who wants to take a chance on a volatile day like today.

If today is your birthday you might think you are crazy, bipolar, if you have overcome your negative sides then you can be the master of your domain. Key ingredient today is exercise, you will always do better in your life in a good relationship. Life can bring all good things, your digestion might not be that good so walk after each meal and definitely no eating late and going right to bed, it will take a toll in a sleepless night. One big part in balance for you is spirituality or organized religion, that faith that comes with belief will ground you beyond belief. Natural leader, a bit bossy but you’ve never seen a leader that can’t handle people so it’s a positive, don’t overdo it, keep it balanced and only speak when in a good place, if you are angry walk away or you might be sorry because when angry you say it as you feel it, as a basically good person you could regret those words.