Energy of the day:

Launch your new life, have faith this is your new beginning, pray but act, remember good thoughts are a beginning but you need to take the steps to make them reality else everything in life has an expiration date.  Been wanting a promotion, you deserve it but you need to ask to get so don’t be shy, ask her out on that date you’ve been procrastinating before someone else does, you get the idea.

If today is your birthday:

You were born old and always felt out of place, learn, and evolve, many lifetimes will only show you that you were born to lead, a strong character will show you the way.  If you can harness your spirituality you will find the balance to be all you were destined for, always felt you were here for a reason when the time is right, and you have done the work the door will open to you and you will evolve to lead.