Energy of the day:

Great day to initiate, any positive endeavor will have a better chance of success on a day such as today, stay away from negative things today.

Pisces:  Today it’s time to let go of dead weight and focus on what’s important.

Virgo:  If you feel on overdrive then find some project to keep it busy thus avoiding getting yourself into trouble with to much time on your hands.

If today is your birthday:

You were born old and always felt out of place, learn, and evolve, many lifetimes will only show you that you were born to lead, a strong character will show you the way.  If you can harness your spirituality you will find the balance to be all you were destined for, always felt you were here for a reason when the time is right, and you have done the work the door will open to you and you will evolve to lead.  Since you live in your head doing daily walks for an hour will help you dispel all that extra junk in there that disrupts your calm.