Energy of the day:

On a turbulent day like today best to keep to destruction, so if you’ve wanted to tear down that old shed, today is it, if you wanted to break up with that relationship or business partnership again today is a good day to destroy!

The Ox, Dragon, Snake, Monkey and Rooster will have very low energy so for you make this a day to clear energy through some form of cleansing, prayer, meditation, you get the idea.

Aries:  Time to choose, if so then write down the plus and minus of the situation and make an informed choice.

Libra:  Time to self evaluate, by looking at your options you have a better chance of making the right choices.

If today is your birthday:

Be a teacher, in the medical field, law enforcement, your options are many all you need do is accept that you were born to make a difference in the lives of many.  All around you will respect and follow your lead, even if you are not there yet you will without a doubt achieve and more.   The more the connection to nature to your spiritual calling the easier life will evolve for you, never doubt you were made to shine.