Today’s energies are stable for most things, stay away from any legal issues, so don’t deal with anything legal. Not a good day to go to court, pay off late bills or get a ticket so drive safe. No destructive behaviours today, don’t get into any arguments or even tear down that shed you’ve been looking to knock down, down cut that tree that’s been bothering you either. Any positive endeavors are really good to do today, buy lotto ticket, lounge and get some sun, walk in the park, no matter, even apply for that new position you’ve wanted at work, if you want to ask that person out on a date, today is also a good day to pull the trigger.

If today is your birthday, you have what it takes to be a good parent, also if you choose to teach in any way it would be good as well. You have energies for healing so a fire fighter, nurse, anything in the healing modalities would probably work for you as a career. You know that temper of yours can fly of the handle so find a positive way to vent any reserved anger. Yoga, or any other form of cardio might be the way for you to let go of emotions that can be counter productive for you in your life.

Rat, tiger, rabbit, pigs should all keep low profile today as for you the energies are not of their best, I like to think no matter if the energies of the universe are positive for the day it tends to improve any specifically negative aspects for the signs, so a bad day can tend to grow to an ok day if the day’s energies are positive.