Energy of the day:

The energy of today is volatile so focus on your own mental and spiritual growth, meditate, pray, try to work on your energy and tomorrow will be a better day.

Aries: Trouble choosing, try cardio and the sweat will clear your mind enough for you to make the right choice.

Libra: Trusted friend or family member get their advice but don’t get defensive if it’s not in line with your thought If you were sure why ask.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog should really take a mental day as the energies will be particularly toxic for you today, definitely not a good day to make important decisions.

If today is your birthday:

Creative and a million ideas all you need to learn to organize your thoughts and walk the path of spirit, you’re a very good person but have an anger inside that can be explosive and manipulative be humble, and all will work out otherwise your life will be a set of circumstances that never quite fit. No fear of extra work connect with nature and balance will come into your life if not again one wrong relationship after another, a good-looking date you might be looked at as a trophy while all you really want is to be loved.