The energy of this day is good, anything you want to start but have been cautious because of the turbulence in today’s world, this is a good day to initiate so go for it if you have done your homework and created a business plan. Even to just go on a short trip, the energy is great to initiate so do it.

If today is your birthday this is a day where the person gets spiritual insight, your inwardly sensitive nature should be explored, the more comfortable with your own emotions the less defencive you have to be as a protection of your emotions. Your digestion is not the best so try and exercise or walk after each meal to move the digestion. Go out of your way to properly chew your food, besides it will in the long term better absorption of nutrition and easier for your system to digest your food. All of this will also allow your body to get full earlier so you will in fact eat les and loose some weight.

Meditation, a form of relaxation will help you in every aspect of life so take time to learn to breathe, to relax, focus on the energies around you. During the meditation you can focus on work, love, self, well you get the idea, once you get better at relaxing you can do quick sessions from any time or place and maximize your performance.