Energy of the day:

If you’ve done the prep work and feel deserving then it would be a good day to get returns on your investments, what you say, ask for that promotion, ask that special someone to move in, you get the idea.

The Rat, Dragon and Pig can use some extra energy work today so practice some sort of cleansing ritual, you can go onto my youtube channel I have over 60 videos with tons of good information for free.  If you need more just schedule a reading on my website, they are over the phone, only cleansings are in person.

Taurus:  Sometimes you might be creative if they don’t get it the first time you said it.

Scorpio:  Don’t like the tedious details then find someone to help you go through all that information.




If today is your birthday:

You will give until you can’t give no more, don’t be stupid there was always time but not if you waste on those who would use you for their selfish purpose.  Be that person that takes on the banner to defend the underdog, make sure it’s your battle and not one you were tricked into fighting, remember use your spiritual third eye to see the truth in things and the dreams will also guide you.  Find out what is not working in your life and fix it, there is nothing you can’t fix.