Today has turbulent, unstable energies so if you can, avoid any activity that is important, remember this is the general energies for our world but each of us comes with our own flow so if you maximize your energy it will work to break through obstacles making a bad day into an average day.

If this is your birthday perhaps woking on you visualization and remember your dreams will improve your chances to succeed at any endeavor, say no when needed, will be better respected if you don’t promise what you don’t have time od desire to do in the first place. Be sensitive is not a problem, when you don’t speak your mind because of your sensitivity is, so speak your mind and you will better get along with others.

Some believe that a quarter of the people have to one level or another some sort of mental illness. We are stigmatized because of this perceived disability, so many acronyms ocd, bipolar, bpd, depression, ptsd and many others. The fact that you know at least some of these acronyms speaks volumes as to your desire to understand. Believe or on, over 50% more of the population will discuss physical problems before opening the door to any perceived mental disability.