Energy of the day:

A good energy day so take it for a spin, today most endeavors will have a better chance on starting on the right foot, so take that steps and move on up!

The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake and Rooster will have to put in extra work to achieve but the universal energy will help them as well.

Taurus:  Don’t get frustrated, you will figure out a better approach to success.

Scorpio:  Frustrated out of your comfort zone, sometimes this is how we evolve, not becoming complaisant, so get on with it and grow!

If today is your birthday:

You have a highly active libido, don’t let it create a list of senseless relationships based solely on body and not on soul.  Do you know the difference between love and passion, never forget love is of the soul and passion of the flesh.   Now this excess can be drink, sex, drugs etc. so keep your eyes on the ball and don’t let your flexible nature take you down a rabbit hole you are not able to climb out of.  You will be surprised on how effective you can become when you put your mind to it.  If exercise is your thing, find a sport you like and you will excel at what ever you put your all into.