A great day to clear obstacles or energies, try and focus today on clearing energy, here’s a simple but effective one, after you take your normal shower, stay wet and scrub your body “exfoliate” your skin from the neck down with regular salt, wash off and start to scrub again but with sugar, as you do always visualize attracting love, radiating love, filling self with love and wash completely off. There are many cleansing in my books, order the pdf and look at the many ways you can clear obstacles and flow.

If today is your birthday there is very few things you can’t accomplish, you were graced with karisma sex appeal and more. Short cuts can be a problem, we must work to achieve, yes can you get away with more with charm but after a while you may close more doors than you can open with hard work and dedication to your goals. Try and visit water flow, your energies can realy recharge near to water flow, a river, cascade, ocean can be your friend.

The rat, dragon, snake and pig are especially susceptible today so above all you should work on clearing any negative energies around you.