Energy of the day:

Not a very good energy day so today work on your spiritual growth, cleanse your energies, pray, meditate, do energy work and transform a low energy day into a good day.

The Rat, Dragon, Snake and the Goat will have extra good luck today so choose today to do some fun things.

Gemini:  Today you should focus on moving forwards any existing project.

Sagittarius:  Something you have been wanting to work on today might just reappear, don’t waste the opportunity.

If today is your birthday:

I believe most born under the sign of Virgo can achieve great heights only if connected to their spiritual nature.  Women are overthinkers and need to find balance, it’s not enough to be strong you must be strong of spirit or you can become neurotic, this birthday is a sampling of what Virgo can do and be if spirit is with you but also how lost you can become without it’s help and balance.  If overwhelmed from too much overanalyzing, then take some down time.