Energy of the day:

Today is the day to get some return on your investment, so if you have been working towards achieving a goal, today is the day to make that ask today.  For example if you want to ask for more money at work then today is a better chance of the answer being a yes, if you want to ask for her hand in marriage then the chance is better for a yes today, you get the idea.

If today is your birthday:

An old soul but with a rebellious streak, a night owl at heart does not sleep well so you definitely need this soul connection  for stability.  Until you find yourself you spiritually you will bounce around even get into vises like drinking or drugs to satisfy the lost feeling of not knowing where you belong.  If in balance with life you will become this person that is respected, a good mother sister or brother, with nothing to stop you, achievement is within reach.  A good writer journaling could be a coping mechanism as you analyze yourself and more perhaps become a therapist or teacher as you have traveled the road of hard knocks and now can speak from experience to guide those that come after you.