Energy of the day:

Start as you wish today and the odds of  starting on the right foot has the best chance on a day like today.

Leo:  Start listening you might just hear, or are you to self absorbed.

Aquarius:  Mingle, in person or virtually, it will expand your reach and connections.

The Rat, Ox, Snake, Monkey and Rooster are in need of cleanse to improve their energies, prayer or meditation may substitute.

If today is your birthday:

you are thinking of moving this might not be a bad year to explore these ideas, you are smart enough to realize there is more to life, so be more tomorrow than you were yesterday.  Music might be your outlet so find something musical to do an instrument sing, dance, just now it will quiet your wrestles soul.  Find your passion then stick to it, else you might know many things but be an expert in none.  Make sure you check all involved in a project, make sure you all are on the same page before you launch your ship.