Energy of the day:

Today is the best energy day of month, it will give you alignment to your goals and put things back on track if they have strayed.

Virgo:  Keep your mind busy or you might go astray.

Pisces:  Let things go and find your focus again.

If it’s your birthday today:

You might have more than you can handle, abilities that is, it’s hard to choose your true path but I know you will.  So many things happening can overwhelm you, rest and relaxation are a must for you, if you don’t you can become lethargic and dip in drugs, alcohol you get the idea.  As you become out of control, you must center, exercise is my go-to pill, you can choose yourself.  If you are looking to make a change do it, don’t second guess if you are not happy find it, work, home, relationship, does not matter keep looking until you land in your happy place.