Energy of the day:

Good day to get what you have worked for, so if you have been working towards a promotion, it’s a good day to ask, ask for that relationship to flourish to the next level.

Libra:  It’s time to make choice, today you should think and not allow emotion to cloud your judgement.

Aries:  You should work on your endurance, yoga, walk, elliptical etc, it will clear your mind.

If today is your birthday:

You love music and very smart, so you have no patience for the lessors, yes not all are as smart or as sharp as you, but patience is a virtue.  There is a negative or depressive side to you, don’t allow your obsessive-compulsive traits get the better of you.  You are a born leader, give that part of your personality a chance, those skills will take you far.  Anger is not good for you it can cost you relationships and friendships.