Today is one of those days the low energy might not be the best day to do anything significant, if you are locked in there are always other avenues to make the day good enough to get through without any drama or trauma. Get up early and exercise, take a good shower and start the day on the right foot, burn some incense and air out your place. Burn some incense at work and do a little prayer to the ancestors and you still might end up with a positive outcome.

If this is your birthday don’t drown in depresion, there are always options in life, if this road does not feel right, change, become the person you were destined and don’t dwell on mistakes. Even if you feel like drowning shake it off, your bright mind will take you further if you become a more positive person.

If you are a tiger, you might have to work a bit harder today but you are king in your jungle and if positive will drive through no matter the energy, the Ox, dragon and goat will have it easier and should go contrary to this low energy day so stay positive and all should turn out well.