Today is one of those days to prep for the future but not to initiate anything, so if you want to get in better shape, set up your plan, how long to stretch, cardio, cool down maybe some weight training. Interested in maybe buying a new house, look on line, figure out your budget but no actual visiting these properties, a new business put together your business plan, but don’t execute any of these plans today. If you feel poorly schedule your doctor appointment but not the day to actually visit. You get the idea!

If this is your birthday, you are not bipolar, what you might be is very open spiritually and any and all energies around you could conflict with your own energy and or emotions so keep it in check. Maybe you should have a regiment of cardio at least 5 days a week minimum 1 hour. definitely you should get enough sleep, you can go of the reservation emotionally so you should also meditate, if fixation is an issue then for sure much exercise will give you the balance you need to stabilize and the best way is exercise.

Good day for the rat, ox, dragon, and snake; the tiger, horse, rooster, and the dog should definitely not venture out today, stay in your comfort zone.