Today is a great day for initiation, so anything you want or have been wanting to do but procrastination or timing has not allowed you to get it started, today is your day, ask for hand in marriage, start that new business, new job, take the day off and go to the beach, any change would be positive today, ask for promotion etc. Signing contracts would be another thing the day is positive for!

If this is your birthday, let it roll, you have charisma to spare, people generally like you, remember to be you not only in public but in private. Sometimes we can fake or change who we are in short spurts to fit in. Unfortunately when you live with a person that is impossible to if it’s about intimate relationships try and be you from the beginning so later they can’t say this is not they were sold.

The rabbit, goat, monkey and pig should just keep your head down today and know that life will be better tomorrow.