Energy of the day:

Start your projects today and this might give you better chances to succeed in them.

Libra:  Needing counsel, perhaps therapy might give you an unbiased opinion.

Aries:  Stop doubting, don’t divide your thoughts be of single mind and you will prevail.

If today is your birthday:

You can definitely, go off the reservation,  intense would be one word that can describe you, in case you’re interested in a more balanced life, working out or exercise will have to be a regular staple for you.   Keeping your loving nature alive will also prevent your dipping into your negative side, often opening our mouth without thinking can cause you to lose friendships even family.  A born leader as developing leadership skills is in your wheelhouse try and meditate and control outbursts.  Very drawn to spirits this sign can be overcome and even looked at as bipolar if not allowed to grow spiritually.  Would do well studying psychology as well, understanding yourself will make you a better-rounded leader, person.  In a good healthy relationship or marriage, you will always do better than alone.  Eclectic at heart you may do well in many fields, try and live before settling down as if you settle down young your mind will wonder and even regret early settlement.   You could have the wondering eye and want to hop around before settling in one location.  Try and eat and walk and no late-night food as your tendencies can be to have a slow digestive system.  Born to social situations, can be social worker, major, priest, very social, genuinely liked, there’s a saying that this sign can be called light for the street and darkens to the home or family.