This is the right day to quit a job you’ve been hesitant, end a relationship, destroy that backyard shed that has been falling apart but you just don’t quite get to it. That big tree that the roots are coming up under your house and you know any day now it will crack your foundation. Anything to destroy is welcomed action for today’s energies.

If today is your birthday and ever since you were young you’ve felt out of place, even as a child in a group of your peers you still looked at things as an outsider, it’s because you are an old soul. With time your physical body in this life will catch up with that old soul within so don’t feel awkward time heals all. Sometimes you can take rash actions and later you think why did I do this, it’s because inside of you there is a conflict, existentially you are at odds with yourself. Again this too shall pass so don’t be so hard on yourself.

The rat, dragon, monkey don’t have the best flow of energy on this day. For the tiger the day’s energy is good!