Energy of the day:

The energies of the day are best suited to remove the unwanted, something from the past perhaps that is haunting you, go deeper perhaps a past life, either way a day to cleanse blocks of any kind.

Sagittarius:  How can you fix it if you can’t even come to terms with the reason it was lost in the first place.

Gemini:  Find boundaries, it’s more about finding a middle ground, learn who and what you want then balance.

If today is your birthday:

Definitely some anger issues, if your parents are still  alive ask if there was some emotional stuff happening for your mother while she was pregnant with you.  It could be you inherited some issues that were your moms and not yours.  Some therapy might get you to fix this issue and you can get back to living without this anger that can cost you relationships family and more.  Your digestion is very finicky so try to exercise and let your digestion heal.  Drive slowly or a ticket might be in your future, when you anger blinded you get so again exercise will keep you balanced.