Today’s energies are great for the return of your investments, it’s a day to ask and you will receive so make your new years list then follow it daily until it manifests in reality.

If today is your birthday,

This is a sign that can be bitten not only metaphorically but even physically so caution with an animal bite, a very spiritual birthday, listen to your dreams and be careful with being drained from people, you need some space and time away to recoup.  Generally, an old soul will often feel trapped and in need of change, again trust your feelings and have plants and fresh flowers in your home, preferably white but any color will be good.  If going on a trip of sorts and you get a bad vibe then trust it, it could be complicated, make sure you learn to clean your energies, follow your gut, trust your instincts.  Don’t give up on your dreams as they can become your reality.  This is a date that will win or lose in life by your thoughts, in other words your mind will make or break your destiny, I know this seems basic to all but particularly important for this date.  Stay hydrated as on this birthday you might be prone to dehydration.