This day is best spent building, bridges, physical or metaphysical, connections with others in a way to build your dreams, today the energies allow for forward thinking.  Clear thinking will allow you to be creative beyond the norm so if you are already out there with some unorthodox ideas or just creative today might just bring you more ideas.

If his is your birthday

If you need to go to the dentist go before it becomes a worse problem.  Reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, try and not let emotions get the better of you especially if you hold on to them, remember most body issues become because you hold on to your hurt or anger, let it go and the body will thank you.  Yellow is a good color for you, try to often on a sunny day look towards the sun and say as you shine so does my life.  Get yourself into the bright sunny zone instead of the gray areas.  Don’t be afraid to start over, structure until you get it right.