This day it’s a good day to pray and rituals to remove blocks or karma, anything you do not feel is right with you should be removed today, plan to spend the day repenting by ritual clearing of energies.

If this is your birthday

You have to pay attention to a child’s health, something simple to become a problem if not tended to promptly.  Be careful what you say about people it will cause you backlash.  Someone from your past will ask for forgiveness, be benevolent and grant them forgiveness.  Be happy, you can bring joy to the world with creativity,  don’t doubt you will speak and make sense, doubts only get in the way, better to say your thoughts and ideas then regret it when another comes up with what you’ve known for a long time.  Tangerine, orange, coral these are your shiny colors, wear them. As you get older remember to stretch as in a simple way strain a muscle or worse so stretch out and all will be avoided.  If you are the type to overthink then you should definitely work out or at the very least exercise every day, as often as possible and you will channel your excessive mental energy in a positive constructive way.  You have opportunities for original thinking, take it.