Energy of the day:

Ever had an idea but wanted to find the right time to get your thoughts across to others, well today’s energy is such that team work will do good things, brain storm but pull the trigger don’t just talk but action.  Adjustments are necessary don’t think that any successful endeavor manifested just as it was proposed, most of the time there are adjustments along the way, so adjust but pull the trigger, thought without action will get you no where.

If today is your birthday:

You can be hardheaded but if you let your guard down and try to just be ok with who you are accepting input from those who love you, don’t be defensive.  You like to defend those who are being abused in one way or another, so  you call it like you see it.  Take some vitamin D supplements, if you don’t get enough sun this could be a bit low.  You can be counted on so if you are busy learn to say no and this way you will not feel overwhelmed.  If a woman you will do well in business, sales, there might be some discrimination, give yourself a tune-up, for example, a spa day will do wonders for your energy.