Energy of the day:

Have been preparing to make some long term changes, today is a good day to initiate any long term project, successful outcome is best today.

The Snake will have a good day today, the Dragon, Goat and Pig might have more difficulties today.

Cancer:  Time to face the music, change is inevitable, take control and make the change in your terms.

Capricorn:  Change is here, reevaluate your self esteem, maybe to much demands on others for self gratifications.

If today is your birthday:

You can handle all you need as you can express yourself in a clear way, try and be relaxed when adversity arrives as it does for all. Anger clouds judgement and when you get angry sometimes your judgement can be clouded. This birthday will be a great parent as you will defend those you love beyond all borders. Opportunity to redo something you were not happy with, take it and fix it to your satisfaction.