Energy of the day:

A great day to destroy so if you want to get divorced, good day to file, any negative activity will show positive results, that old bathroom that needs gutting should start tearing down today, you get the idea.

The Rabbit has an exceptionally good energy today so your personal flow will allow you to do most things and still get positive results.

Aquarius:  Don’t feel guilty, a good planner will give you the structure to get both fun and work accomplished.

Leo:  Find a getaway, a short trip or even a day at the beach will do, don’t complain, so something about that break time you’ve been needing.

If today is your birthday:

A balance between body and spirit is essential, this is how a clear mind works best and is essential for growth.  Stop seeing phantoms at every corner, jealousy can cost you leave insecurity and vanquish with inner strength.  Have faith in your destiny,   you have very magnetic eyes; your vision can captivate if you learn to use it you might even be able to send emotional messages by them.  Trust the person you love and leave unjustified jealousy out of your relationships.