Great monday, good solid energy to accomplish most thing you set out to do for the day, prayers are answered on a day like this, meditate send out the right message and the energy of the day will work. When you pray the universe answers and on such a day the prayers reach higher than ever.

If today is your birthday, remember you were born an old soul, if a woman make sure you have regular and yearly checkups with your gynecologist. You could be prone to heavy flow or painful periods. As old souls you will be given revelations through dreams and insight into your future, pay attention. Don’t fear your destiny, there is a purpose for your life, once you find it let it lead you and you will live a long and fruitful life.

If you are 38 years old this year, you should keep low profile as the energies of this year are not favorable, no gambling or investing rather just sit tight and hold on to what you already have.