Energy of the day:

We always want to expand and grow, on a day like today is when the energies are favorable so if you wish to invest in growth do it.  By all means try and not just gamble rather study your choice and once you have made sure then on a day like today pull the trigger.  So any endeavor that points to growth can be fruitful today, maybe just buy a lotto ticket, no guarantees but if you want to take a chance do it today as the energies favor the bold.

If today is your birthday:

Inside the spiritual world is where you will evolve, you have premonitions but be careful what you listen too, some energies are tricksters don’t let the darkness take you for a ride.  Naturally attractive don’t let it go to your head, be faithful in relationships and never forget what you have is like a diamond attractive to others but how often they discard that wish they want after using it, don’t be fooled and trust your gut as to who is truly yours and who just wants what you got.  Pay attention to your intuition and reams as they may yet reveal your true purpose in this life.