Energy of the day:

On this day it’s best used to fix anything needs fixing, so if you want to start remodeling your home then it’s the right day for it.  It’s a good day to visit those relatives or that friend you have not seen for a while, just keep the flow going and tomorrow will be another day.

If today is your birthday:

Definitely feisty, you can get around most situations and arrive at your destination, the ocean can help you heal any emotional scars.  An old soul, you are capable to avoid, evade all negative energies and let you get to your achievement destination.  Listen to your dreams, full of detail and in some cases color the dreamscapes for you can be as real as your waking life.  If you live in the street more than the home try and fix this, discuss with the one you love and fix a misunderstanding.  If in need of spiritual help break us a garlic clove, boil in water and let it cleanse the ambiance in your home or work environment.  Always have fresh flowers in your home, brighten your home.