This is one of those days where the universal energies are stuck, remember there are several factors so even if the energies of the day is poor, your individual day may flow great so instead of bad day it could just be good because the energies of the day do affect the individual. If on the other hand the individual energies are complicated adding the negative day’s energy then it is usually suggested not to do anything important.

If today is your birthday you may open to having your own business or prefer to be in charge, you have brains so with just a little sprinkle of karisma or creativity you may yet achieve all of your dreams. There is the possibility of some depresion for this birthday so stay upbeat, exercise is one of the best natural antidepressants. You are an old soul so when ever you travel it’s recommended to fid a park or beach you can walk barefoot and ground yourself in that land.

The energy of this day is good for the rat, ox, dragon and snake, all the other animals best to keep a low profile for this low energy day.