Energy of the day:

Its a day where you need to rebalance or stay in balance, so if you feel off then pray, meditate, use any cleansing ritual to start by clearing any obstacles in your aura.  If you are good, clear any area that needs polish in your life and don’t worry tomorrow will be a better day.

If today is your birthday:

Be  careful with problems at work, listen to advice, be more tolerant of peers or employees.  Be prudent in your decisions, don’t jump the gun, you have very professional spirits so try and finish your education, if you didn’t but are thinking of it finish what you started.  Full of love for life, if you have creative inklings go for them your eye for beauty can open doors into your destiny.  Old soul you will want more always follow your dreams not your nightmares.   A little messy but most creative types are a bit scattered, don’t drown this out as with these traits also comes greatness.  If you want to escape any of the negative areas then you must do regular cardio it will allow you to sweat out most of what is stuck in your head, prosses it out.  You are fair in your dealings so you could be a judge, a new romance or life could be around the corner don’t lose faith.