Energy of the day:

Time for strategy, to create or recreate your business plan, in life there are adjustments, so what is it that drives you, look in the middle and take it to the top, your top.  Remember humility and pride go hand in hand, so be proud but stay humble, we can accomplish and surrounds ourselves with friends and family remember no one is an island we need the tribe, where is yours, maybe spend this time to fortify.

If today is your birthday:

You were born old and always felt out of place, learn, and evolve, many lifetimes will only show you that you were born to lead, a strong character will show you the way.  If you can harness your spirituality you will find the balance to be all you were destined for, always felt you were here for a reason when the time is right, and you have done the work the door will open to you and you will evolve to lead.  Even if you start the month feeling blocked you will open up and things will get back on track.