Energy of the day:

Be happy, today is the best day to initiate your new project, life ect, today’s energy is good so enjoy the sunlight, follow your dreams today luck is on your side.

Aries:  Time to reevaluate, you have time but start looking to change with the times.

Libra:  Hold on and start limiting your exuberant expenses, you will thank you later for what you do today.

If today is your birthday:

An old soul at heart you can feel awkward in groups of peers as you can see the bigger picture in life.  Listen or try to remember dreams as for you they can bring clarity, abrupt or unexpected changes in your life can follow this date, try and catch when moody as this can also be a trait for you.  Stay away from burials or cemetery as someone can follow you home.  Dress in pastel or whites as often as possible, past live situations can be better handled if wearing light clothing for you.  If woman heavy or painful menstrual periods can occur, if so, check with gynecologist.  Might be drawn to faraway places as an old soul you might have been in a variety of past lives all over this world.  As an old soul you tend to be sharp but a bit moody or judgmental of those on the slow side.  As an old soul you will like the good life, and why not I’m sure it comes as a trait from a former life when riches adorned your life.  This trapped feeling comes from past life stuff and as you age your souls and physical age come into synchronicity some of these feelings will subside.  When your head and heart are at odds you are smart enough to realize it’s not of this world but past lives interfering with current times thus able to balance better.  Think quickly but walk slowly, it’s always better to do a good job than a fast one.  In life we will always need help from others so cultivate your friendships so try not to make enemies rather friends of those around you.