Energy of the day:

The energy of the day if very turbulent so you should spend your day on prayer, meditation, cleansing rituals, if you have some destructive activities then go for it.  If there is that old stump that needs removing from the yard then pull it, if that rusty shed needs removing tear down, if you want to change the garage into a playroom then do it as well.  If you have done the work this could be a reset date, the new future is ahead, make it work or crash and burn, destiny is always in our own hands.

If today is your birthday:

You might do well and try a career in the healthcare industry or even teaching, your potential to be of service is high so whatever you do that fulfils this will enhance this life’s purpose.  You are able to get messages from the other side in the form of dreams.  Be intuitive, if you happen to like oriental stuff realize you might have had a previous life in Asia.    No matter how bleak life will become more optimistic for you, patience.