Energy of the day:

The energy today is such that anything you initiate today has a better than average chance of success.

Taurus:  Self talk can allow you to hear how the idea really sounds then choose from there.

Scorpio:  You will feel better about yourself your choices soon enough, for now just find a balance and change will come.

If today is your birthday:

You are an old soul but need plenty of TLC,  Tender Loving Care so find a relationship where this is fulfilled or you will feel something missing, don’t let that feeling end a relationship if all else is good discuss it with your partner, be surprised of what can happen when you communicate. If this is your birthday a creative aura envelops you so as you grow older you might even like to write a book.  Try wearing more blue or green, maybe a combo like aqua all good colors to enhance your energies of attraction or open doors by opening more doors.