Energy of the day:

Another volatile day, if you can avoid any important activities on this day it would be best, if you find yourself needing to do significant work then cleanse your energies remember there are to basic energies the universe and each of you, so your sphere of influence in your surroundings are great, clear your path and you might yet have a good day even on a day where the general trend is volatility.

If today is your birthday:

You are an old soul but need plenty of TLC,  Tender Loving Care so find a relationship where this is fulfilled or you will feel something missing, don’t let that feeling end a relationship if all else is good discuss it with your partner, be surprised of what can happen when you communicate. If this is your birthday a creative aura envelops you so as you grow older you might even like to write a book.  Try wearing more blue or green, maybe a combo like aqua all good colors to enhance your energies of attraction or open doors by opening more doors.