Energy of the day:

On this day you may yet achieve your heart’s desire, when the energies are so positive the opportunities that you might not go for in the past might just get you to try.   Try and achieve, positive days are not every day so the idea to check the energy of each day will give you a push when you need it.  So lets say you are looking for a day that will give you a better chance to ask for a promotion and improve the chances of a yes, then today is one of those days.

If today is your birthday:

Need to learn to overcome sensitivity, that could cause you to be more defensive, overreact to hide your sensitivity. This trait is something to harness from a good place, your mature nature will help guide you.  If you have not done so, check your eyes you might need glasses or even change the prescription.   If you feel you need help, toughen up, get into a regular work out regiment.  The ocean is a  good place for you to visit regularly, will help you release any heavy energies.