Energy of the day:

Continue to keep a balance, the energy of the day will keep the wheels flowing smoothly.

The dragon and Goat will need to keep things flowing by prayer and meditation, more turbulent energy around you folks.

Gemini:  Good to check in with others, don’t isolate.

Sagittarius:  Open up, if people can’t tell where you stand, you might just find yourself alone.

If today is your birthday:

Keep an eye on your back, some low back issues maybe, if you thought of a career in the arts follow your dreams.  Your creative talents are varied and even a job in sales would not be out of the question.  Your lifeline is long, pace yourself, if you have the feeling you were meant for more then you should pursue this.  It’s good to be good but don’t allow others to take advantage, if you don’t like it speak up, else you can resent it later but your own fault.