It a day of flow so take it for a spin in what ever you wish, days like this usually like the wind on a sail boat catapult you forwards with minimum pushback.  You can just take a day to go fishing or whatever you want to do on this day.

If you are a rat, ox, snake, rooster give your life a little extra push with a cleanse of energy, here is a good and simple one, if you’re not allergic to apple cider vinegar and baking soda, mix in a container until pasty so you can keep on adding baking soda and mix until the mixture is a thick paste, get in the shower and scrub from head to toe, yes even your hair, wash all off carefully especially the hair then add conditioner to the hair then dry off, those with heavy energy will feel like a weight has lifter.

If this is your birthday keep an eye on your back, some low back issues maybe, if you thought of a career in the arts follow your dreams.  Your creative talents are varied and even a job in sales would not be out of the question.