It’s a day that should be avoided for any important, trust your instincts and just chill, you will ride out the day and know there will be a tomorrow.

If this is your birthday trust you will be someone, you have dreams and hopes and you will be rewarded, remember love conquers all so if your life is lived according to the simple premise do good and God will see and help your set path of success.

The astrological chart has much to offer, If you have not done your natal chart look into it, if you know where you were born, time birthday it will be very accurate guide for your life.  I also do a solar return for the year so it will help you for the coming year.  If you do it, we can look into the next year and where your energies are more auspicious, it’s something that will follow you all of your life, a guide of sorts from an astrological stand point.

If you are Aries: you head, ears, eye teeth, headaches and most of all abrupt decisions can be some of your traits.  You’re an innovator, leader, energetic, impulsive, intense.  Can be aggressive, intolerant, dominant, hot tempered you get the idea