Tough day today, unless you want to destroy something, nock down big tree, tear down house or shed, otherwise stay home and relax, see television, any activity that requires nothing of importance.  Trust yourself and just find a quiet thing to do, tv, the beach, forest etc.

If this is your birthday trust the universe you are meant for greatness, you have in your charisma, do it, you need to trust that your future has in it blessings from heaven, never give up never surrender your dreams.

Astrology is a science, if never done a natal chart, look into it, it’s a road map of how the stars are influencing your life from beginning to end.

If you are a Taurus:  It’s a feminine sign, affected body parts are the throat, speech etc., thyroid, asthma, laryngitis.  You can be patient, conservative, don’t like change, are constant, persistent, love for beauty, like old stuff antiques.  Can be stubborn, firm, greedy, materialistic, lazy selfish.  Have a creative streak also healthcare, hospitality, food as in chef.